Drupal 8 Now Available

"What's new" Drupal Enterprise 8 now available; Drupal Enterprise 7 still supported

The latest version of the University’s centrally-supported content management platform, Drupal 8, is now available. Drupal 7 and Drupal Lite will continue to be available and supported as long as Drupal.org continues to maintain and support the Drupal 7 platform, so there is no urgency to move an existing site to Drupal 8. To begin planning your Drupal 8 site, see the Drupal 8 Admin Self-Help Guide.

To see an example, visit the College of Continuing Education's new Drupal 8 site.

What’s New in Drupal 8?

  • Improved accessibility: improvements include more semantic HTML5 elements which assistive technology will be able to leverage as well as WAI-ARIA landmarks, live regions, roles & properties. Read more about accessibility features in Drupal 8.

  • Responsive images:  Drupal 7 provides image styles in the core, which allows you to automatically resize images. Drupal 8 takes that a step further and allows you to choose different styles for individual images. The various styles will be used for different device sizes.

  • Themes: Twig, a template engine for PHP available in version 8, will make it easier for developers to build site templates.

  • New & improved content editor: a redesigned content creation form with drag and drop image upload. Quick Edit Mode lets you click into fields and edit pages in-place from the front end. Toggle between different view modes to quickly preview content as it would appear to the end user. You can even edit content from a mobile device!

  • Improved multilingual support: Everything in Drupal 8 is now translatable, including content, text formats, image styles, views, feeds, and more –no contributed modules needed!

  • Learn more about all the new features in Drupal 8 on the Acquia website!

Upcoming UMN Drupal theme

The Drupal Support Team is working with our partners in University Relations to create a standardized and accessible University of Minnesota web theme for Drupal 8. The theme will enable units to create attractive sites with a consistent, user-tested experience while reducing development costs and time. Learn more about what the new theme has to offer on the Folwell Project Site!

Planning a New Site or Substantial Redesign Soon?

Contact the Drupal support team to arrange a consultation so we can help ensure everything goes smoothly!

If you have any questions regarding Drupal 8, please contact the Drupal support team ([email protected]).