Conference Accounts to Retire: December 1


The University of Minnesota will retire conference accounts as of December 1, 2019. Instead, visitors will be asked to use the UofM-Guest network.

Prior to the the Next Generation Network (NGN) upgrade, conference accounts were offered to give University guests stable access to the internet. Now that the University’s WiFi has been upgraded, the UofM-Guest network is able to provide reliable access to the internet for all guests to the University, eliminating the need for conference accounts. 

What to expect

  • Conference accounts requested for use before December 1 will be valid and usable by guests.

  • No conference accounts will be created or available for use after December 1. 

Prepare for the Retirement

If you have published links to the “Reserve a Conference Accounts” (web or print), please plan to update them with links to information about using UofM-Guest.

Promote Good Practices

University Information Security (UIS) recommends using a virtual private network (VPN)  whenever you use public WiFi to access the internet. A VPN creates a private, encrypted tunnel for your online activity making it more difficult for anyone to watch or monitor what you are doing online. Please share this tip with your guests.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any concerns about access needs for your conference and events visitors, please contact the Technology Help service desk, we would be pleased to consult with you.