Changes coming to manual enrollment process in Canvas

Canvas Transition

The University of Minnesota is half-way through the two-year transition to replace Moodle with Canvas as its single, centrally supported learning management system (LMS). With this transition, new opportunities were discovered to implement practices that will better support students and provide a safer and more secure learning environment for the University community. Among these is a project underway to eliminate the need for instructors to manually enroll students in their courses. The preferred method is to allow only PeopleSoft, UMN's student information system, to enroll students in PeopleSoft-associated (for-credit) course sites automatically after registration.

While Moodle historically allowed instructors to manually enroll students, this practice creates risk to both students and the University. These risks include Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) violations and Higher Learning Commission (HLC) violations.  In addition, official PeopleSoft registration is required for accuracy of University transcripts, charging tuition, and awarding appropriate financial aid. It also enforces registration holds due to student conduct code violations, non-payment, Title IX violations, and more.

In order to reduce these risks and keep enrollments the same in both Canvas and PeopleSoft, starting August 15, 2018, instructors will no longer be able to manually enroll or directly add students into PeopleSoft-associated (for-credit) Canvas course sites. There are, however, many ways to achieve the similar desired outcomes in Canvas through a variety of clearer, cleaner processes. Further information about the reasons driving this change and the new processes can be found here.

The process for adding instructors and teaching assistants is not changing at this time. Instructors are encouraged to work with department schedulers to update course information in PeopleSoft as appropriate. Instructor roles such as ‘teaching assistant’ can still be directly added in Canvas.

If you have questions about these new procedures, please reach out to your college or unit Canvas contact or email [email protected].