Canvas Release Notes May 2021

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Read highlights from the May 15, 2021 release notes below.


New Features


Online entry options listed with Student Annotation selected

Student Annotation Submissions

  • Instructors can use an annotated assignment type to upload a file for students to annotate and submit directly in Canvas. Additional submission options should be selected if students may be unable to annotate onscreen.
  • Instructors will select the Student Annotation option for the Online submission type. They will then select the file from either their course files or user files.
  • Students can complete the annotation assignment directly in Canvas using the annotation tools in DocViewer.




Tool bar displaying arrow, thought bubble, pencil, text tool, etc


  • Once submitted, a student can review their submission. However, the annotations on the file are shown as read-only and additional annotations are not allowed. 
  • Student annotation assignments cannot be used for group assignments.
  • This assignment type is not currently supported for mobile devices.

User Settings

Auto-Show Closed Captioning

  • Users can access the User Settings page to enable the Auto-Show Closed Captioning feature for Canvas Media. This functionality is supported for captions added to recorded Canvas videos or uploaded videos in a course.
    • Does not apply to videos uploaded from external tools such as Kaltura.

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