Canvas Release Notes June 2021

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Read highlights from the June 19, 2021 release notes below.

New Features


Discussions Redesign (BETA feature) – default Off AND Unlocked

  • Discussion topics display an updated design with small usability enhancements.
    • The toolbar has been moved to the top of the discussion thread.
    • Newest replies display at the top of the first page instead of the bottom of the last page.
    • Users can sort replies from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest.
    • Users can also quickly move to the top of the discussion topic at any time. They can also view All discussion replies (default) or unread replies.
  • Discussions Redesign Summary
  • Discussions Redesign User Group
    • Stay current on the latest development work
    • Provide feedback

Updated Features

New Quizzes

Item Bank Management

  • Item banks can be shared with an entire account or with one or more courses.
  • Item banks can be shared as view only OR with editing access. Permissions are selected at the time that an item bank is shared.
  • When instructors view the Item Banks page in their course, they can select to view any course banks and account banks from the drop-down menu.


Manage Courses Granularity

  • The Courses - add / edit/delete permission has been grouped into five separate permissions for Account roles, and four permissions for Course roles.
  • Course Level Permissions
    • Courses - add
    • Courses - conclude
    • Courses - delete
    • Courses – publish
  • Account Level Permissions
    • Admin - manage / update
    • Courses - add
    • Courses - conclude
    • Courses - delete
    • Courses - publish  
  • DiaLOG Platform Approved Decision
    • Courses - delete turned off for both Teacher and Designer
    • Courses - add AND Courses - delete turned off for both Program Manager and Instructor Course Creation Support
    • Addresses the regular support issue of accidentally deleted courses.
    • Ensures that courses are created via the recommended channels; PeopleSoft integration or Course Request tool.


Comment Library

  • Graders can save frequently used comments in SpeedGrader which can be reused across multiple students and assignments.
  • In SpeedGrader the comments field includes a Feedback icon that opens the Comment Library. Comments can be entered in the text field and added to the comment library.
  • Comments can be edited in and deleted from the library at any time.
  • Comments are saved per individual user regardless of course.

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