Canvas Release Notes August 2021

Canvas logo on white field, next to a gold field with textAugust 2021 Release notes

Read highlights from the August 21, 2021 release notes below.

Updated Features

New Analytics

Online Attendance

  • New Analytics includes an Attendance tab, which updates according to Course Access: Student views a page in a course.
  • Page views and participation may take up to 24 hours to display.
  • Filtering Attendance data
    • By default, the report is configured to display by week, but instructors can view the report by day if needed. Data for prior weeks and/or days can be selected by clicking the arrow next to the selected date range.
    • By default, the report displays online attendance for all students, but additional sections or students can be added for granular viewing.
    • By default, the report filters all criteria, but instructors can filter the report to show students who have met all criteria or have not met all criteria.

New Quizzes

Quiz Printing

  • The New Quizzes build page includes the ability to print the quiz with or without answers.
  • Upon selecting a quiz printing option the user is taken to a Print Quiz window that allows the user to choose the text size of the printed quiz.

Rich Content Editor

Accessibility Checker Indicator

  • The Rich Content Editor indicates when accessibility concerns are detected in the Accessibility Checker with a number icon. The indicator helps users know about these issues without having to open the Accessibility Checker.

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