Canvas Release Notes April 2021

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Read highlights from the April 17, 2021 release notes below.

Updated Feature

New Quizzes

Multiple Attempts First Score Option

  • The Multiple Attempts menu includes an option to retain the first score for grading when multiple submission attempts are allowed.
  • Selecting this option retains the first score for a quiz, even if the quiz is retaken at a later time.
  • Students can still retake the quiz for a pre-determined higher percentage or score (such as for a module prerequisite) or for later practice.
  • Students are not told ahead of time that the first score is kept. Consider including the scoring selection in the quiz details.
attempt history, four columns, Results, Points, Score, First score is kept


Interface Update

New Quizzes

Save and Build Button Workflow

  • When a New quiz is created and the details for a quiz are entered, the page displays both a Save and a Build button. Previously the page only included the Save button, which counterintuitively launched the New Quiz editor. 
  • The Save button saves the content in the existing page and returns the user to the area where the quiz was accessed.
  • The Build button saves the existing page and launches the New Quiz editor.
New Quizzes Save and Build Button Workflow options include Build (highlighted), Save and Save & Publish

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