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Moodle for Students: Register and Use TurningPoint Cloud

Applies to: Moodle 3.0

TurningPoint Cloud is a cloud-based polling system your instructor may use for in-class learning activities. Your instructor will notify you if you need a Turning Account license and/or a physical clicker (eg., ResponseCard).

Before you can participate in any for-credit learning activity, you must have an active TurningAccount license. Your instructor will give you a license code and provide a link on the course site to Turning Account Registration.

Follow the instructions in Set up a Turning Account through Moodle to register your license code. If you will be using a physical clicker, you will also need to register your clicker ID.

You can also answer questions from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device with Wi-Fi connection. For an overview and system requirements, see ResponseWare.

Additional Resources

Student Registration (Video, 02:47, from TurningPoint)

Sign in to ResponseWare through a Browser

Get the ResponseWare App on iTunes or GooglePlay.

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