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Benefits for Students

Benefits for Faculty

Benefits for Staff

  • Take tutorials to help with courses.
  • Learn techniques for your projects.
  • Build technical skills for your résumé.
  • Assign tutorials for course work.
  • Incorporate in your syllabi.
  • Provide tutorials as supplements.
  • Take tutorials to boost productivity.
  • Explore new technologies.
  • Beef up your résumé.


View the How to Use course to discover additional features of Topics include:

Course-Relevant Technology Tutorials for Students

Do your students need technology skills to successfully complete their coursework? You can confidently assign coursework that relies on applications such as Microsoft Excel or the Adobe Creative Suite knowing that you can point students to technical tutorials.

Video Curation

For faculty who would like to offer their students a list of course-relevant tutorials, we offer help in curating courses. To request help in curating courses, send an email to:

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