Kim Wilcox

Academic Technology Consultant

As a member of the Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) group, I work one-on-one with instructors and staff as a consultant, collaborate with colleagues to develop and present workshops on aspects of academic technology, and work as part of the production team by serving as project manager for various projects, including a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

My primary goals in my work with instructors are to help them learn about and get comfortable with educational technology and use it in ways that create effective and engaging learning environments for their students, whether face-to-face or online. I have been very excited over the past few years to see the development on the Twin Cities campuses of a number of "Active Learning Classrooms." Recently, Bill Rozaitis from the Center for Teaching and Learning, Meghan Lafferty from the University Libraries, and I created a resource for instructors who are interested in teaching in one of these rooms. I continue to be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education (see below), as well as emerging learning environments, student-centered active learning strategies, mobile learning, and accessibility issues. I consider myself fortunate to have work that continues to challenge and excite me.


I'm a biologist by training, with degrees from the University of Cincinnati. I came to the University of Minnesota in 1982 on an NIH postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral genetics. I spent three years in the Department of Psychology working with Professor Tom Bouchard on the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart—a wonderful experience. I then spent several years working with Professor Elving Anderson and others studying aspects of the genetics of epilepsy. Along the way I did some teaching through extension, and my growing interest in science education eventually led me to seek a faculty position at the University's General College, where I taught introductory anatomy and physiology and general biology. It was there that I "fell in love with the web" and its potential for teaching and learning, which eventually, in June, 2000, led me to IT and what was then known as the Digital Media Center.

Selected Publications

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Presentations and Posters

(Presenter(s) in italics)

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