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Information Security Awareness, Education and Training

See the Information Security Awareness, Education and Training Standard in the University's Information Security policy for specific requirements that you must follow.

Standard and Process

The University’s information security awareness aims to deliver current information about risks and security practices so that University community members are enabled to protect the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of systems and data. This includes information about known threats, who to contact for security advice and the channels for reporting information security incidents.

The information security awareness objectives include reducing the risk of security breaches and maintaining compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contractual agreements and University policies.

When appropriate, additional information security training should be provided to individuals whose job functions require specialized skill or knowledge in information security. See your supervisor for details.

More Information

Document Owner: University Information Security

Document Approvers: Brian Dahlin, Chief Information Security Officer; Patton Fast, University Enterprise Architect

Effective Date: August 2010

Last Reviewed Date: November 2014