Include User Experience in Your Web or Purchasing (RFP) Project

As a member of a web or purchasing (RFP) team, you’ve got pressure to implement on time. Looking at user experience issues throughout your project can help keep you on track to deliver a product people will successfully use. By including us, you will:

  • Have an impartial facilitator to guide you through the process
  • Make decisions based on user data
  • Save yourself valuable time and effort by avoiding re-work

We can help at any stage of your project. Get started early for the most benefit.

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Purchasing Teams

You’re purchasing something that needs to be easy for the whole University community to use. We can:

  • Provide questions to gauge vendor usability awareness in your requirements document
  • Develop vendor demonstration scripts based around use-cases for your audience
  • Evaluate the end-user experience of finalist products before you select one

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"After seeing real users interact with our prototypes, we gained valuable insights that impacted project development. Sometimes user behaviors affirmed our assumptions, and sometimes they made us completely reconsider our approach. Either way, usability testing has been essential to improved user experiences on our donor-facing digital properties."

 Steve Anderson, Director of Digital Strategy, U of M Foundation

"This testing enabled us to customize our local instances of Moodle to improve the user experience for University of Minnesota teachers and learners. We were also able to share the results with the larger Moodle community to collectively build solutions for core Moodle code."

— Mark McKay, Senior Analyst, OIT

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: No charge for University of Minnesota faculty and staff