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IT Governance Process

The Information Technology (IT) governance process helps ensure that University of Minnesota technology tools and services are strategic, well-supported, and meet the needs of students, faculty, researchers, and staff. While we want to hear from our users throughout the year, each spring IT@UMN launches a formal input gathering process. We gather broad input via the feedback survey and through stakeholder meetings.

The insights gathered from the survey and meetings are synthesized and shared with IT decision makers to inform planning for IT projects and initiatives as well as budget and compact processes. Other outcomes may include the IT Leadership Community of Practice recommending a formal community of practice, or the formation of informal communities of practice, advisory boards, and communications campaigns. The following workflow depicts the IT governance process.

A flow chart which show individuals steps of the governance process as described in the text.

For an in-depth view of the governance process, see the interactive cycle. 

Box with four boxes to represent four phases in the governance process