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Next Generation Network FCoP

The Next Generation Network (NGN) is a formal community of practice (FCoP) that will upgrade all components of the University's network over the next three years. To ensure that we make good decisions to support the University today and into the future, we are seeking input and guidance from the community. Some of the topics to cover include:

  • right-sizing and port capacity planning.
  • WiFi network coverage priorities.
  • communications strategies for working with data network customers.
  • upgrade risk and impact awareness.
  • upgrade timing and responsiveness to customer business needs.

FCoP members:

  • perform meaningful work to advance IT priorities.
  • meet other University staff who share your professional interests.
  • collaboratively develop creative and practical solutions to challenges.
  • develop professional skills.



  • Kemal Badur

Steering Committee

  • Kemal Badur
  • KT Cragg
  • Jill Froehlich
  • Samantha Grumdahl
  • Louis Hammond
  • Jamey Hansen
  • Tim Kelly
  • Elizabeth Lijewski
  • John Miller
  • Roger Stoen

Affinity Groups

Network Right-Sizing and the Common Good Model

Identify the best methods to manage right-sizing, and discuss and propose modifications to the current processes supporting the common good model.


Jamey Hansen, CLA

Firewall and Network Management

Identify needs for shared responsibility for managing firewalls and networks, and propose changes to existing tools and processes.


Samantha Grumdahl, CSE

Change Management

Minimize the impact of the upgrade to the services and users. Identify exceptions, encourage early adoptions, and ensure the success of the project from the perspective of the end users.


KT Cragg, OIT

WiFi Service and Coverage

Focus on WiFi service and coverage priorities.


Tim Kelly, CSOM