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Getting Started with Templates

A template controls the banner, background color, borders, and layout of an email. You can use the same template as the basis of multiple emails. It contains your brand and the layout of information.

Use a template when you want to create a customized look and feel for your emails that you can use in multiple email sends. A template:

  • allows you to have the same look and feel in multiple related emails
  • contains your brand and the layout of the information in an email
  • allows an email to be built using content boxes, which are easy for nontechnical users to use
  • allows you to have a template administrator create the template while someone else creates the content
  • allows an email to be mobile aware

This external vendor help document for Salesforce Marketing Cloud contains generalized and foundational information surrounding templates and how they can be used to speed up the authoring of new mass email messages. It includes sections on both using the Template Editor, as well as creating a template using HTML Paste.