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EDMR Steering Committee

EDMR (Enterprise Data Management and Reporting) Steering Committee is part of the governance structure of EDMR that functions at the strategic level.  The Steering Committee is responsible for advancing the EDMR goals of shared data, understanding, tools, and development by:

  • Addressing data management and reporting needs
  • Ensuring systemwide data integration and alignment
  • Endorsing consistent policies and practices
  • Guiding the work of the Analytics Collaborative and Data Governance Program

The role of the EDMR Steering Committee is to provide overall direction and strategic guidance to the University’s EDMR efforts, including setting the overall direction and approving the mission, scope, and core components of the Analytics Collaborative and general data and reporting agenda. In addition, this group is tasked with setting the data governance direction by endorsing policies and practices that affect the production, quality, usability, and security of data used throughout the University. This group has strategic responsibilities to approve University data definitions, data governance program decision making, and issue resolution.