Create & Publish Websites
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Create & Publish Websites

Use a variety of tools to publish, search, and measure traffic on websites.

Services & Technologies

Search Appliance

The University's Google search appliance is a powerful cluster of computers that allow everyone to quickly find specific information on University Web pages, and it is based on the same search technology as the Web search.

Social Media

Individuals with a University of Minnesota Google Apps account can send messages to friends, share links, chat, and share pictures with Google+.

Source Code Management

The University provides access to two source code management systems that developers can use to track and share code:

SSL Certificate Administration

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates identify and encrypt digital communication. Staff and faculty who develop web applications can request SSL Certificates to protect data entered into those applications.

Usability Services

We evaluate user interface issues during vendor selection or development of an application.

Website Analytics

This service enables University website publishers to collect, analyze, and report on website traffic data.

Website Content

Students, faculty, and staff can use a variety of tools to publish, search, and measure traffic on websites ranging from simple personal blogs to organizational sites with large amounts of content managed by many people.