Access Business Systems
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Access Administrative Systems for Students

Use online systems to track or engage in training, human resources, and academic planning activities.

Services & Technologies

Employee Training & Tracking

Some students use the ULearn learning management system to complete compliance training associated with their degree programs.

Human Resources Management System

The University uses the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), based on Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management module, for human resource management, benefits, and payroll processes. Students use the system to find student job openings.

Mass Email & eMarketing

Students can use Google Groups to set up different types of groups and send email messages to all members of a group at the same time.


The University maintains a portal for students, faculty, and staff that provides information and access to multiple University websites and systems, including PeopleSoft systems, based on your role at the University.

Student Administration Systems

The University provides several systems and applications related to student lifecycle activities like admissions, registration, student financials, and financial aid processes.