About the University Storage Council

The goal of the University Storage Council is to improve alignment and collaboration between storage service providers and the user community. The collaborative efforts of the University Storage Council will enhance the user experience and provide a coordinated approach to storage at the University of Minnesota.

The University Storage Council reports to the Institutional Cyberinfrastructure Group (ICIG) and has broad membership across the University system, including collegiate and system campus representatives, the Academic Health Center, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Information Technology, the University Libraries, and more. According to the USSC, without any action, storage needs would more than double in the next three years. The University of Minnesota currently stores more than 45 petabytes of data across multiple locations, platforms, and technologies.



  • Joshua Baller    
  • Carla Bates
  • Jeremy Bickford 
  • Timothy Biles 
  • Evan Bollig  
  • Graham Candler
  • Fred Dulles 
  • John Garbe 
  • Greg Grunwald
  • Alicia Hofelich Mohr 
  • Lisa Johnston, Council Co-Chair    


  • Thomas Kell   
  • Michael Langhus, Council Co-Chair
  • Jim MacDonald
  • Dan McDonald
  • Karen Monsen
  • Munir Nassar
  • Charles Nguyen
  • Jon Nichols 
  • Farid Shallal  
  • James Wilgenbusch

Storage Champion Network


  • Mike Langhus, OIT 
  • Fred Dulles, Research Computing


The Storage Champion Network is a group of experts on the diverse storage options available at the University of Minnesota. Champions serve as points of contact for their community (unit, department, institute, college, etc.) and communicate with other Champions on storage challenges as they arise.