Jill Woyak

Virtualization Systems Administrator
Jill Woyak

About My Work

What I Do

I am a virtualization engineer in charge of running the hypervisor layer that supports most of your hosted servers. 

Professional Communities


I consider myself a “people-nerd” who is focused around technology, more than a nerd that is enamoured with the latest technology tool. I love connecting people with the technology that enables them to be successful, and am always willing to chat , meet someone new, and/or grab a coffee! 

Areas of Professional Expertise

How I can help you find the technology tool that best fits your needs.

Technical Advisory Council Domain Expertise

Technology Advisory Council Member

What I Love About My Job

  • I love the people I work with!
  • I have a background in K-12, so I frequently say I “graduated TO the UofM!”
  • I love walking around campus in the summertime.