Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an approach organizations use to standardize IT services and ensure alignment with business goals. Some organizations have a single Enterprise Architect who governs IT decisions about purchases, integrations, and compliance. At the University of Minnesota, our distributed IT environment is suited to a different model, one of shared responsibility. Each IT professional and decision-maker is called upon to apply a set of EA Guiding Principles.

Guiding Principles

The Enterprise Architecture guiding principles reflect the attitudes, behavior, and code of conduct of the people whose chosen vocation is to work in Information Technology (IT). These principles are in the very DNA of the IT professionals and can be seen in the decisions we make, our partnerships, and the satisfaction we get when our work makes life easier and the University stronger. See a printable copy of the EA Guiding Principles.



University IT decision-making is supported by EA resources that foster communication, transparency, and alignment between IT units and with business partners.

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Technology Portfolio

For IT professionals and decision-makers, the Technology Portfolio inventories technologies and IT services from across the University system, providing technical details, use guidance, and contact information. Sign in to access the Technology Portfolio.

Solutions Architects

Solutions architects can provide you with advice when you begin to explore using, developing or purchasing a technology solution. Use the Get Advice form to request a consultation.

Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council collaborates with Solutions Architects to help University of Minnesota faculty and staff navigate the process of choosing a technology solution. Made up of friendly, knowledgeable technology experts from across the University system. Learn more about the Technology Advisory Council and request a consultation.

Enterprise Architecture Ambassadors

IT influencers from across the University system are helping to raise awareness of our guiding principles and Enterprise Architecture practices. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Contact us at [email protected]

Enterprise Architecture Steering Committee

The EA Steering Committee provides oversight for the EA program. Contact us with questions.

Change Approval Board

The Change Approval Board (CAB) governs the Office of Information Technology (OIT) process for requesting, communicating, and implementing technology changes. Learn more about the Change Approval Board.