When Good Design Goes Bad

Workshops, panels, and discussions around the theme of "UX Design for Good or Evil"

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Sue Ann Rodriquez

Director of Accessibility Services


Imagine a beach with lots of sunshine, crystal clear blue waters, and powdery white sand that no one can get to because there are no boats available.

A great beach that nobody can access isn’t really a great beach at all, is it? Similarly, a usable website that nobody can access isn’t really usable either. The story of the inaccessible beach illustrates why both usability and accessibility are important in web design.

Great usability includes great accessibility. Usability usually targets everyone who uses a site or product, without considering people who have disabilities. In fact, the concept of usability often seems to exclude people with disabilities, as though just access is all they are entitled to. What about creating a good user experience for people with disabilities—going beyond making a Web site merely accessible to make it truly usable for them?

This session will discuss how well intended usability features, such as flashing graphics, moving images (slideshows), videos, can be inaccessible. It will also include how to make these features accessible. much of what makes a Web site accessible happens under the covers, with good code practices that do not affect the visual design.