UX and Accessibility: The Good and Evil of the Disabled User Experience

Workshops, panels, and discussions around the theme of "UX Design for Good or Evil"

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Traditionally, software development has relied upon user experience to shape its products. Digital accessibility has a long history of shying away from user experience, stating that it's not possible to make something accessible to a person living with a disability and meet legally mandated accessibility requirements. This approach has led digital accessibility to separate the user's experience from the process used to meet the needs of a wide and diverse audience of people living with disabilities.

In this workshop/talk, attendees will hear stories from panelists who live with cognitive, hearing, mobility and sight-related disabilities, regarding their user experience of website and software, gaining their insights in what truly enhances their experience and what hinders it. Attendees will be encouraged to bring all of those burning questions they've long wondered about regarding UX and digital accessibility requirements, and hear both the good and the evil directly from our panel of Testers and digital experts who also live with disabilities.