Session One: Table Topics


Topics include:

  • An Uptake on Intake: Using Google to Drive Workflow Information
  • Apps, Add-Ons, & Extensions: Extending Google's Capabilities
  • Day-to-Day Productivity with Google + Third Party Integrations
  • Google and Canvas: Making Your Course Easy to Update with Live Links
  • Google Forms for Tracking Accreditation Activities
  • Google Meet: Connecting with Even More Experts
  • Google Scripts: Creating Document Template Sets and Request Forms
  • How to be a Warden of Awards: Managing Pre- and Post-Award Using Google Suite Products
  • How to Secure Yourself and Your Department in G Suite
  • UMN Data Storage Needs: Learn How People Use Team Drive
  • Managing Events with the G Suite
  • Streamlining Communication with G Suite
  • Using Gmail Labs to Improve your Workflow
  • Using Google Script to Manage Who Brings What to Where and When
  • When to Use YouTube