Take Collaboration to a Whole New Level with G Suite

Experience Level


Do you work with a team that is spread across departments, campuses, or states? Does your team prepare grant proposals, articles, or presentations? Would you like remote teamwork to be more efficient? It’s possible! This presentation will highlight the collaborative features in Google Drive, Docs, and Slides. You’ll learn how to share folders and documents to give everyone the right level of access. You’ll see how real-time edits, suggestion mode, and revision history make group editing a breeze. You’ll find out how live chat, assigned comments, and notifications help keep everyone on track. Plus, you’ll see how Google Photos makes it easy to share and embed images. Finally, you’ll discover how a Hangout can bring everyone together when you need to brainstorm. Collaborating can be efficient and fun with GSuite! This presentation is best suited for GSuite users with a basic knowledge of Google Drive, Docs, and Slides.