Inclusive Design Principles Put to Work: Building A11Y into Agile Environments

Workshops, panels, and discussions around the theme of "UX Design for Good or Evil"

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Accessibility Consultant

Carlos Cordero Alfaro

Web Accessibility Engineer

Derrin Evers

Accessibility Lead


We are interested in creating and fostering an inclusive design process in agile environments, not only for each role within UX (research, architect, visual designer, content) but also for developers, under the philosophy that sharing responsibilities and creating accountability can improve accessibility from the ground up. We will focus on how we're educating and informing A11y Champions in an agile environment, with inclusive design built into user journey flows and UX roles. Using a case study as an example, we will walk through our process of creating an a11y supportive community and culture, as well as how reviews and feedback processes in actuality.