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Technology Planning

The technology planning process ensures technology alignment with service delivery for the University's enterprise architecture. Work to support alignment includes the development and maintenance of technology roadmaps reflecting six-year planning. The FY2014 technology roadmaps for Office of Information Technology (OIT) Services are currently under development.

Technology Roadmaps

Technology roadmaps are generated and maintained by the service director. OIT service directors are listed on the Service Catalog for IT Staff page. The process for generating a roadmap follows:

  1. The service director drafts a roadmap forecasting how the IT service will evolve over the next six years.
  2. Once the IT service roadmap is confirmed to be in alignment with demand by Associate CIOs for IT, the service director identifies technology capabilities needed to support the IT service evolution. 
  3. Each service director works with their service team to draft a roadmap for how the technology will evolve over the six-year period to support their IT service. The technology roadmaps are reviewed and feedback is given by OIT senior directors.  
  4. As necessary, the service director presents the technology roadmap to the Technology Review Board for feedback and to the enterprise architect for final review and approval.

Annual Review

Roadmaps are reviewed annually to ensure technology direction is in alignment with the service(s) the technology is supporting.