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Enterprise Printer Request

To request a new printer setup or to change the setup of a current printer, please complete and submit the following form. If you have questions about this process or the form itself, please send e-mail to

Your printer must have a static IP address (one that is permanent) which we must be able to PING. This address must be part of the University's IP network. To request a static IP address contact technology help staff.

Please note: AppleTalk-only or Novel IPX-only printers are not supported.

After you submit this form, we will:

  1. Ask you to fax us a ‘Self Test’ and/or ‘Configuration page’ if necessary.
  2. Define your printer on our enterprise print server.
  3. Send a test page to the printer.
  4. Call the technical contact person you listed and give him/her the newly assigned enterprise printer name.
  5. Request that someone test the printing service by running an actual print job for that purpose.
Submitter Contact Information (Required)
Technical Contact Information (Required)

The technical contact person should be someone who set up the printer or maintains your computer.

Request Type

We will assign a special name to your printer. It will be a maximum of 14 characters and case sensitive. The standard format indicates on which campus the printer is located (e.g., TC for Twin Cities), the building abbreviation, the room number, and printer information (e.g.,TCWBOB628HP5Si).

When requesting a change or the removal of a printer, please refer to the printer by this name.






Printer Information (Required)
Reports (Required)

Check all that apply to this printer.

Banners (Required)

It is important for us to know during the initial setup whether you would like a banner page or not (other names for banner "header," "separator page," and "letter page." To save paper and especially if you use custom forms, select "No." To separate reports, select "Yes."

Web Display (Required)

This enables you or your staff to find the name of the printer on the Printer List page (you must sign in with a University of Minnesota Internet ID and password to access this page).

Special Needs

If you have special needs for your printer setup, such as you need to print from a Test or Development enterprise system or a non-default printer tray, or you require a special printer driver, please describe it.