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Employee engagement soars in central IT!

New survey scores show strong gains, outpace University measures across the board

Scott Studham

By Scott Studham

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

The 2014 University’s E2 Employee Engagement Results are starting to roll out to colleges and academic units across campus, and I am excited to announce that central IT results are in! Not only do these results reflect growing engagement across our central organization, but they consistently fall above the University average.

It is no secret that employee engagement has been an area of focus. Employee engagement has a tremendous impact on our ability to innovate, collaborate, and ultimately, sustain the high performance necessary to meet the needs of our customers and community. More importantly, it directly correlates with the quality of the faculty and staff experience, which helps us keep top talent (like you) for the long haul.

As recently as 2010, central IT staff reported some of the lowest levels of engagement at the University. Since then, we’ve worked hard to address concerns around things like hiring, compensation, and innovation. We’ve involved hundreds of leaders and staff in building a healthier, better aligned and more engaged team. Now, the results are in, and I’m elated by the gains central IT has made, particularly in the areas of Development Opportunities, Respect & Recognition, and Clear Expectations & Feedback (see chart).

E2 Employee Engagement Survey Results graph of selected results

I want to share this video as my way of saying thank you for your commitment and participation in making IT one of the best places to work at the University. Take a look!

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Of course, these results only account for a third of our University IT community. I look forward to seeing other units’ results trickle in over the next several months and celebrating with each and every one of you. We truly are building a team that is making a difference at the University of Minnesota.

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