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Duo: Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your login in addition to your password. The University uses Duo Security to provide this extra layer of security. This article explains how to enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

Once you have set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, you can use it to log into any Duo device that you have opted in to access.

Choosing whether to use a mobile phone, tablet, or landline

  • Decide if you will use your mobile phone, tablet, or landline phone for logging in.
  • We recommend using a mobile phone or tablet. You will need to download the free Duo Mobile app as part of the instructions below.
  • For information on choosing a device, see Methods for Logging in Using Duo (part way down the page).

Setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Have your phone or tablet handy.
  2. Go to your Internet Account Options.
  3. Click Set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication. The Duo Enrollment page appears.

    My Account page ( with arrow pointing towards Set up DUO Two-Factor Authentication link.

    Important: Complete all of the following steps in one session. If you stop midway through, you will not be able to complete the enrollment process and will have to contact Technology Help.
  4. Click Set Up Duo.
  5. Click Start Setup.

    First Duo - Enrollment page with Start setup button.

  6. Select the type of device you are adding.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions for your type of device.
    • Note: If you are downloading the Duo Mobile app, look for the Duo logo: Duo Mobile app logo.
  8. Click Save if necessary.
  9. Click DoneYou will be presented with an Enrollment Successful confirmation screen. You can simply close this window.

    Duo - Enrollment confirmation screen stating Enrollment Successful


Note: We strongly recommend having a secondary device enabled with Duo in the event that your primary device is not available. See Add/Enroll a Device.

Additional Information

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