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Duo Two-Factor Authentication

The University offers Duo Two-Factor Authentication because, when it comes to protecting valuable information, strong passwords just aren't enough anymore.

Phishing emails (malicious emails with intent of stealing your password) look very authentic, and even very careful people get tricked into giving up their passwords. Duo Two-Factor Authentication provides a second line of defense should your password get stolen, because it requires two factors to verify your identity: ① your password and ② your phone. Only you have both. 

  • University employees can opt into Duo Protection for Direct Deposit and W-2 to prevent identity theft and fraudulent access to their Direct Deposit information. All employees are urged to use this service.
  • University employees who work with certain systems (like CS PeopleSoft, EFS PeopleSoft, EDMS, Box Secure Storage, and the Data Warehouse) must use Duo Two Factor Authentication to help secure their access to University data.

Methods for Logging in Using Duo

There are many ways to log in with Duo. We recommend that you set up multiple devices and methods. You may need a backup if the device or method you normally use is ever lost, damaged, or simply unavailable.


Duo Mobile Push*

Duo Mobile Passcodes

SMS Passcodes*

Phone Callback*
Device type Mobile phone or Tablet Mobile phone or Tablet Mobile phone Mobile phone or Landline
How it works Duo's free mobile application displays a login request on your smartphone or tablet. Just tap Approve to authenticate. Duo's free mobile application generates passcodes for you to complete your login. Duo sends a batch of login passcodes via text messaging (SMS). Duo calls your phone. Just press any number to authenticate.
Platform iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Windows Mobile
iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Windows Mobile
All phones with text capability All phones, including land lines
Usable offline?

* Text messaging, voice minutes, and internet access fees may apply. See your provider for details.

Note: Hardware tokens that generate a password are available on a limited basis. Email or call Technology Help (612-301-4357) to request a token.

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