It happens to everyone from time to time: devices break, tablets die, phones fall into the wrong hands. Be prepared and save time! Enroll a backup device or generate a set of bypass codes in the event that your primary device is unavailable.

No Backups?

If you have not enrolled a backup device and/or have not generated self-service bypass codes, you'll need to get a temporary security code by visiting a walk-in location with a valid ID.

Stay Connected and Secure with Your Backup Device

You are strongly encouraged to enroll a backup device in Duo the event that your primary device is unavailable.

Don't have a second device? Plan ahead. 

You can generate a set of 10 bypass codes on the self-service menu on The single-use bypass codes are good for one year (365 days)! Generate them and store them somewhere only you can access. You'll feel more secure knowing that even if your phone fails, you'll still get connected. 

people sitting at a table with various devices
woman holding a cell phone with a cracked screen

Disable the Device

As soon as you notice your device is broken or missing, it’s important that you remove it from your list of Duo devices.

You can do so with a second Duo device. This will prevent other people from logging in as you.

Report a Lost or Stolen Device

In addition to disabling it, if your Duo-enrolled device is lost or stolen, report it to the Technology Help service desk as soon as possible at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP). 

Contact Technology Help

If you don't have a backup Duo device or aren't able to log in to Duo at all, contact Technology Help. They can help you

  • troubleshoot issues
  • get a temporary security code you can use to generate self-service bypass codes (this requires an in-person visit to a walk-in location with a photo ID)
  • disable a lost or stolen device
students in Coffman Memorial Union Technology Help walk-in location