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Data Protection

Data Protection service offering is part of our Storage and Data Protection Services. It is requested and implemented via the internal request processes associated with our Hosting and Hardware and Software Maintenance Management services and is covered under the Storage Services Service Level Agreement (SLA). Data protection takes place in one of two forms. 


Stored data is replicated within the University's storage architecture as it is stored, by a technology referred to as "snapshots." Snapshot is a common industry term denoting the ability to record the state of a storage device at any given moment and preserve that snapshot as a guide for restoring the storage device in the event that it fails. These snapshots are created as a separate physical environment from the source of the data. Replication of data takes place several times per day and is associated most often with CIFS storage. 


Backups are created in two forms: incremental and full. A full backup of specific directories on a server is requested as part of the Hosting Services request process. It is done as the server is created and also is created weekly. During the week, incremental backups (a delta between this backup and the last taken) are created to allow more refined ability to recover data should loss occur between full backups.


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