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Customer Experience Standardization for Infrastructure (CESI)

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Providing an enhanced experience for Hosting Services customers

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CESI: The Why

The Customer Experience Standardization for Infrastructure project (CESI) was launched to provide a consistent experience for Hosting Services customers.

Hosting Services set the following objectives for the CESI project:

  • Provide consistent data about customers and assets,
  • Update processes and creating consistencies amongst the Hosting Services' teams (provisioning, asset tracking, and communication),
  • Provide more customer control over assets,
  • Create detailed asset inventories for customers,
  • Centralize reporting on assets, and
  • Update outdated customer information (contact information, who could provision assets, who could access, and more).

CESI: The What

As a result of the ongoing CESI project, Hosting Services teams:

  • Created a new, consistent definition of a customer,
  • Established a key set of metadata about the assets,
  • Normalized provisioning processes to support new data, and
  • Onboarded over 90 IT units across the institution.

By automating data feeds into Google Sheets, unit specific asset inventories (updated nightly) are produced.

CESI: The Results

As a result of the CESI project,

  • Customers find new processes straightforward and appreciate the consistently across platforms.
  • Fully automated provisioning is now available for several platforms.
  • Hundreds of orphaned assets were retired.
  • The owners of many outdated assets were accurately identified.
  • There are many new projects and people leveraging Hosting Services’ updated data.
  • Security reports (Qualys) are now delivered to IT units to understand application layer vulnerabilities on their system(s).
  • Relationships between Hosting and IT groups across the University were strengthened.

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If you are interested in utilizing Hosting Services or have questions about how your project may utilize CESI data, please contact Sonya Sustacek at or Doug Finley at

Requesting Hosting Customer Information Changes

For changes to any of your Hosting Customer Information and asset ownership, please complete the Hosting Customer Change Form.

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