Cristina Lopez

Academic Technology Consultant

I joined Academic Technology Support Services in March 2005. I provide consultations for faculty, staff, departments and units and develop and deliver workshops and presentations on topics such as deeper learning with Moodle and educational uses of multimedia. In addition, I formulate and implement communication strategies designed to educate the University community about good uses of academic technologies. My areas of interest include digital storytelling, integrated course design, social networks and social media, networked learning, media literacy, the digital divide, and collaborative, online internationalized courses (COIL).

I believe that technology is relevant to education in two different ways: 1) the thoughtful integration of technology into teaching can support more engaged learning and critical thinking; 2) technology should be an object of study in itself, and learning how to engage technology critically is crucial for lifelong learning, for our work and in our everyday lives. In other words, good uses of technology can contribute to a high quality education, and a high quality education teaches us to engage more effectively with technology.


My background is in communication, with a more specific focus on rhetoric and cultural studies. After earning my Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, I accepted a visiting position in Communication and Media Studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, where I taught for three years. I have also taught courses in rhetoric and in communication and culture at University of Wisconsin, The Ohio State University, and Denison University. My rhetoric courses emphasized both theory and practice, and included public speaking, argumentation and debate, theories of rhetoric, and rhetorical analysis. My communication and culture courses focused on media representations of race, gender, and class and on cultural studies of science and technology.