To add the template to your PowerPoint Themes:
  1. Double-click on a template to start a presentation from that template.
  2. Go to Themes > Save Theme
  3. Name the themes "Widescreen" and "Standard"
To apply a theme to a presentation:
  1. Go to Themes
  2. Mouse over the IT@UMN thumbnails - a tool tip will show you which one is widescreen and which one is standard.
To use IT@UMN colors:

All the color pickers include the branded IT@UMN colors. We recommend using solid fills rather than gradients in images. For instance, if you use SmartArt, use one of the first two Graphic Styles in the SmartArt tab (Simple Fill or White Outline).



To edit templates, click File > Make a copy, then name your file and begin.

Start from Scratch

Best process is to copy the template presentation, and start your new presentation from that.

Apply to a Preexisting Presentation

If you already have a presentation and want to apply the template:

  1. Go to Theme > Import theme
  2. Search for IT@UMN
  3. Choose the template that matches your layout (standard or widescreen)

The text areas will not be formatted correctly!

For the Title Slide

  • Title: 24 points, black
  • Subtitle: 16 points, dark gray

For Standard slides:

  • Title: 24 points, Bold, Maroon (third color in Theme colors)
  • Text: 18 points, bulleted, black

Release Statement for Photography, Recording, and Interviewing

Any image, recording, or interview used in an University of Minnesota publication or on the Web must be accompanied by a signed Release for photography, recording and interviewing (PDF)