Center of Excellence for HIPAA Data

In support of exceptional research, education, and health care, the Center of Excellence for HIPAA data provides a single source of coordinated support for those at the University of Minnesota who use Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data.

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Services & Technologies

Secure Storage

Stay compliant with the University’s HIPAA data security standards. The University’s secure HIPAA data storage solution, Box Secure Storage, enables you to more securely share, create and edit data from any device. 

Coming Soon! Log Management

For University system owners, log management can help identify performance issues, monitor for security issues, and meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

The Center of Excellence for HIPAA data will help departments meet security compliance requirements for logging. Systems that store or process Private Health Information are required to follow specific logging practices. Departments can request help to configure systems for logging and develop the necessary reporting to meet compliance requirements. Contact Technology Help and request Log Management support.

Secure Email

Available to University health care component staff, Secure Email Center enables you to send messages that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) via encrypted email. Sending PHI via email should be avoided whenever possible, but this service is available for situations when email is the only available option.

Technology Help

The 24-hour Technology Help service desk offers fast, friendly technology help to the University of Minnesota.

Self-Help options are also available when you visit the Technology Help page; browse categories or use search.

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