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Getting Started

Moving from Moodle towards the adoption of Canvas

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Considering a move to Canvas?

Before you do, here are some helpful steps to get started.

1. Contact your unit or campus contact first!

They will be able to offer more information about your specialized departmental or campus plans and what steps you need to consider before moving your course(s). 

2. Explore Canvas

3. Start building your site

  • Option 1. Import content from a Moodle site.

Create a backup file of your Moodle course and import into your Canvas course site

Note: Some Moodle tools will not transfer to Canvas. Learn more about how Moodle activities and resources migrate into Canvas. Your Canvas Contact can help you with alternative options.

  • Option 2. Import content from an existing Canvas site.

Copy an existing Canvas site or import a content export file. 

  • Option 3. Build from scratch

You can start fresh and build from scratch. See how to get started building a course in Canvas and review more help resources.

  • Option 4. Build using a template

Units from across UMN have established pre-built templates that can be used to provide a general framework for creating a usable and well-designed site. Either use the templates as a starting point when building from scratch, or to improve an imported Moodle site.

4. Publish your course site

  • Once finalized, your course site needs to be published so enrolled students can find and access it. 
  • Notify your students (optional)

It's recommended that you contact your enrolled students and let them know you are using Canvas. Find your class list and send a message to your students. 

    Additional information:

    Learning Tools for Canvas

    Digital Learning Operational Governance Group (DiaLOG)