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Moving from Moodle towards the adoption of Canvas

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When creating a course site from scratch, or transitioning an existing Moodle site to Canvas, using a template can be a good way to get a course site up and running quickly and efficiently. Think of a template as a pre-built framework for how to structure a course site and what elements to include.

Step 1

Review the table below to see if your unit or campus has already provided a template for your use. Some units require their instructors to use their designated templates. If you don’t see your unit below you are welcome to use the UMN-ATSS templates.

Step 2

Explore the templates by clicking on the associated link in the 'Canvas Template Site' column. Some sites include links in the 'Template Site with Example Content'; these represent what a site would look like with content.

Once you see a template you would like to use, you will need to search for it in Canvas Commons using the search terms listed in the table and then import it into your course site.

Step 3

Start adding content to your site. Review the help resources page to learn more about using Canvas. Once your site is ready for students, you will need to publish your course so they can locate it.

Unit Name Required? Canvas Commons Search Term Link to Canvas Template Site Template Site with Example Content
UMN-ATSS Face-to-Face N/A UMN Repository Template
UMN-ATSS Hybrid N/A UMN Hybrid Course Template
UMN-ATSS Online N/A UMN Fully Online Template
CBS CBS starts all courses with template CBS Home Page Course Template
CLA Recommended UMN-TC CLA Canvas Template Example Site
CSOM 1 Recommended- contact Carlson School Instructional Design Team for CSOM Example Canvas Site
CSOM 2 Recommended- contact Carlson School Instructional Design Team for CSOM Example Canvas Site 2
CSPH Required Center for Spirituality and Healing Template Full AY 17-18
CCAPS Required AY17-18 CCAPS OES Template
UMN Morris Recommended Canvas Course Template - Spring 2018 Morris
HHH Contact Humphrey School Instructional Design Team for assistance Humphrey School: Canvas Site Template