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Auto-generated Course Sites

Moving from Moodle towards the adoption of Canvas

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All Fall 2018 courses set up in PeopleSoft have automatically generated an unpublished Canvas placeholder site. These auto-generated course sites automatically appear on the Canvas dashboard of the primary or secondary instructor assigned in PeopleSoft for that course. These course sites will be ready to start building in from scratch or importing existing course sites.

 Note that these course sites are unpublished and will not be visible to enrolled students until published.

Faculty and instructors using Moodle this fall can ignore these course sites. Faculty and instructors planning to teach using Canvas this fall will need to get their course site ready for active teaching. Consult this guide for helpful information. It is also recommended to check with college or campus transition contacts before starting the process.

If faculty and instructors are planning to teach a class in Fall 2018 using Canvas and their course site does not appear on their dashboard, they should reach out to their college or campus scheduler to ensure they are assigned as the primary or secondary instructor in PeopleSoft.

To hide auto-generated Fall 2018 course sites on the Canvas dashboard until they are ready to be worked on, follow these instructions.

Moving forward, auto-generation of unpublished couse sites for upcoming terms will take place on the following dates each year:

  • Fall term: April 16
  • Spring term: August 1
  • Summer term (including May term): January 3

Questions about this process can be directed to college or campus transition contacts or