Planned Change


Canvas Learning Tools

One of the exciting features of Canvas is the ability to add new features and functionality through the use of external applications and third-party learning tools for individual courses, or all courses in an account.

If you already know of an application or tool you're interested in using, you can request it by name. If you're not aware of a specific tool, you can also describe the functionality you're hoping to achieve and the Canvas Transition Team can assist in finding a tool that meets your need.

Before requesting a learning tool, please check the ongoing list of integrations to see if it's already been implemented or on our radar. 

If you don't see the tool you're looking for, you can request it using this form.

Once the team receives your request it will be evaluated and prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Size of impact
  • Strategic nature
  • Functionality

These criteria will help ensure that the University of Minnesota can support the tool and that it aligns with our teaching and learning process and goals.

For questions about this process, email