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Application Delivery FCoP Charter


Develop a roadmap and management framework for virtual desktop and application delivery so that students have access to the tools and technologies they need for their academic experience.


Chris Ament, Sr. Director Academic Technology and User Support


Jim MacDonald, Director of Information Technology, College of Science and Engineering

Completion Date

April 2016

Criteria for success

  • A 3-year roadmap for service development, delivery, and refinement.

    • Current state and desired future state are clearly articulated. Specific goals and objectives are identified for Years 1, 2, and 3 (use fiscal year).

    • Virtual desktop and application delivery is seen as a credible replacement for general use and instructional computer labs. Faculty and students begin to use these services instead of traditional computer lab environments.


  • A responsive framework for service governance and operations. At a minimum, this should include:

    • A decision making system for managing and prioritizing service changes and enhancements.

    • A process for selecting, packaging, testing, maintaining, and supporting virtual applications is codified and consumable by technical and non-technical audiences.


  • A work plan for Year 1 goals and objectives is developed, resourced, and being executed. At a minimum, this should include some quick wins:

    • The top X (3?)  use cases for enhancing student learning with virtual delivery technology are demonstrated in the form of exemplary case studies.  Audience is faculty.

    • The top X (25?) virtual applications are selected, packaged, and tested at scale.

    • 15% of  general and instructional computer lab use is supplanted by virtually delivered applications by July 2016.

In Scope

  • Recommending policies, procedures, and good practices related to virtual desktop and application services

  • Defining service needs and expectations

  • Creating durable relationships and working groups to support ongoing service operations.

  • Identify applications or use cases that have strategic value to focus on.

Out of Scope

  • Identifying specific physical computer lab spaces to decommission