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Academic Technologies FCoP

Faculty, instructional staff, collegiate IT staff, and others are invited to participate in a discussion that will shape our University’s priorities for supporting use of academic technologies in teaching and learning.


Sponsor: Donalee Attardo, manager of academic technologies, Information Technology

Co-Lead: Kate Martin, assistant director, Center for Educational Innovation

Co-Lead: Bruce Reeves, manager of academic support, Duluth

Academic Technology FCoP completes charge - Receives approval to move forward

In May of 2016, the Academic Technology Formal Community of Practice (AT FCoP) provided their final reports to Executive Vice President and Provost Karen Hanson and Interim Vice President CIO Bernard Gulachek for review. After review of the research and recommendations, the AT FCoP leadership received approval to move forward with next steps to put the recommendations into action. View the final report on the Academic Affairs and Provost website.