The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the central IT unit for the University of Minnesota. It is the role of central IT to deliver IT services to the UMN system that are commonly used across all (or almost all) collegiate and non-collegiate units. Each of the services are delivered by a cross functional team, led by a (non-manager) service owner, and consist of staff from multiple lines.

The vertical boxes below represent the functional line organizations in central University IT. The horizontal bars represent cross functional service teams which span across these line organizations.

To understand the organizational matrix model in central University IT, it is important to think of it in terms of supply and demand.


Demand for IT services is managed by the Vice President and CIO, and IT Leaders from the central organization, who engage with the campus community and institutional leaders as part of the IT Governance process to understand the institution’s technology needs and priorities. They then bring the articulated needs back to the organization and work with the people responsible for delivering services, aka service owners (SOs), so they can understand and ensure that the needs are being met by the services currently being delivered. In this model, there is a direct connection between institutional leaders that express needs and the parts of our organization that can deliver services.

See Governance and About IT@UMN on the IT@UMN site for details.


In terms of supply we have four teams of experts in different IT line organizations:

  • Academic Technology 
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure and Production
  • User Support

Senior directors and IT managers oversee these line organizations, which house the staff who provide the common functions that supports our services.