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Coordinated IT

The University has a distributed Information Technology (IT) operation, but the vision is moving toward a more highly-integrated and complementary IT model, and a common service portfolio. The structure and strategy of IT service distribution continues to be fine-tuned. Central IT and Centers of Excellence provide services that are broadly consumed and/or core to central administrative business operations, and that tend to offer substantial economies of scale. Local, or collegiate IT services, meet local needs that are discipline specific, niche, and complementary to enterprise IT services. These services offer strategic value to the local unit and may require specialized IT and business knowledge, but the services have no obvious value or appeal more broadly, nor do they allow for economies of scale.

IT solutions and IT needs change at a dramatic pace. Needs that today are local and satisfy a niche need may call for commodity service delivery tomorrow. At any given time, the operations that comprise IT services at both local and enterprise levels are under pressure to evolve with changing needs and opportunities. Consequently, management of a common service portfolio that spans the system will require regular and ongoing attention. Short-term duplication of services is to be expected during transition phases as commodity services are consolidated.