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Usability Services

Talk to your users; save yourself time, money, and effort.

Usability and user experience analysis can help you to better understand the people who use technologies or websites you will be procuring or building. By learning why and when your users struggle, you can act to provide a better experience and lower the cost of training, development and support.

Usability Services are available to University of Minnesota teams at no cost.

Include user experience...

  • In your web project Looking at user experience issues throughout your project can help you deliver a product that people will successfully use.

  • In your purchasing project Evaluating the usability of the finalist products will help to ensure the one you select is easy to use.

  • In your curriculum Looking for ways to provide real-life exposure to user experience work? We can facilitate a tour of the lab, class visits, or help you include usability in your curriculum.

  • In your research Researchers can reserve our usability lab to use eye-tracking hardware and software. The ability to incorporate mobile devices is also available.

Features & Announcements

March 20, 2015

Watch Mark Heiman’s World Usability Day 2014 presentation on this key audience for higher ed web pages. Let’s Face It, We’re Not 16 Anymore: How Teenagers Read (and Misread) Higher Ed Home Pages....