Invoices Instructions

OIT Network and Voice Services customers can view invoices for these services if you have the approval of your RRC manager.

Obtain Approval

Your RRC manager can send the following information about each person who needs access either by fax (with his or her signature) to (612) 626-7337 or email to

View Invoices

  1. Navigate to our invoice viewer using a standard web browser.
  2. If any popup screens appear about Security Certificates, click 'Yes' or 'OK' to proceed. Twice is normal. You need to allow pop-ups from the site "" and add this to your browser list of Trusted Sites. (See our FAQ page for details).
  3. The U of M Internet Login screen appears. Login with your University Internet ID and password.
  4. The "Menu" will appear: the left side lists the current choices available for our customers.
  5. Click on 'View Reports'. A list of the reports you are authorized to view should appear. The titles are in the format of "YYYY MM DD INVOICE AREA XXX". You may use the asterisk "*" wildcard character to quickly jump to a particular invoice. Example: Search for Report Title 2004 12 * 804. (See our FAQ page for details).

View Invoice Detail

  1. If you want to see the detail of the invoice, put your cursor on the report title and click. Wait a few seconds for the report to appear.
  2. You should be seeing "Page 1" of the "Summary of Charges" for the first PeopleSoft Chartstring under your particular AREA.
  3. The left column is the index of your PeopleSoft Chartstring. You can click on any PeopleSoft Chartstring on the index to bring up that invoice.
  4. On the TOP bar, you have options to print, export, change the displayed page size, and more options.
    • |< = goes to the top of the file (first PeopleSoft Chartstring shown on your index).
    • < goes back one page
    • > goes forward one page (this will bring up the detail pages)
    • | will take you to the end of the file.
  5. Customers who use the Firefox browser need to "export" or "email" the invoice in portable document format (PDF) or use Internet Explorer to see the full invoice.

Print Invoice Detail

See the Printing Instructions on our FAQ wiki.


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