Security Tools & Downloads

Attempts to clean a computer using a tool may not work.  You may need to perform a complete reinstall to remove the infection or malicious software.

Table of Contents

Antivirus Software

Application Security Scanning

Scan for missing security patches for applications (programs) installed on your computer, such as Java or Adobe Reader.  Includes help for fixing the security issue.

Browser Security

Browser Software & Plug-ins Security Scanning

Scan for missing security patches or holes in browser software and plug-ins.  Includes help to fix the security issues discovered.

Secure File Deletion

Secure Password Managers

Use a strong password/passphrase for the master password that opens your password manager and maintain a back up copy of your password manager.

Spyware Removal Utilities

System Security Check Up

System Updates

It is recommended that you use your system's automatic updating feature to download and install the critical updates for you. This helps ensure the updates are compatible with your system and are applied in the correct order.

Individual updates are available to download for later installation on another computer, to reapply a failed update, or to obtain updates not covered by the automatic update process.

Mac OS X


Virtual Private Network (VPN)