Lab Facilities

The Usability Lab is housed in two main rooms. The evaluation room is furnished with a desk and workstation for the usability participant. There is also a large observation room where design team members can watch the evaluation sessions on console monitors or on a large-screen plasma display.

Video Tour

See a virtual tour of our usability lab's conference space, observation area, and its recording equipment.

Observation Room

In the observation room, there is also a large wall-mounted plasma display where observers can watch the evaluation sessions. During a session, observers take notes on any usability issues that a participant encounters.

Image of the Usability lab observation room

Observation Room Console

During a usability evaluation session, observers can see and hear the participant, as well as watching the participant's screen on the observation room display monitors.

Image of Logging Station

Eye-Tracking Equipment

Eye-tracking equipment allows a design team to see immediately where a usability participant is looking on a Web page.

Image of Eye-Tracking Equipment

Recording Equipment

Image of Usability Recording Equipment