Google Apps for AHC and HCC Accounts

Apps Available for AHC and HCC Accounts

The suite of applications available under the Academic Health Center/Health Care Components (AHC/HCC) Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google are:

Exceptions include the School of Public Health and the College of Veterinary Medicine who will have access to the full suite of Google applications.

Migrating to University Gmail

The University of Minnesota and Google, Inc. have reached an agreement that will allow all Academic Health Center colleges, schools, centers and departments as well as other University departments with access to Protected Health Information (PHI) to transition email accounts to Gmail.

This agreement, known as a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), is a contract between a HIPAA-covered entity (the University) and a HIPAA business associate (Google), that protects PHI in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Because of HIPAA compliance barriers, accounts with PHI access previously were not able to use the University’s Gmail service.

Individuals in the health care components will transition to Gmail and keep or gain access to Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Apps Vault. Schools within the Academic Health Center that are not part of the health care components have either previously transitioned to Google (School of Veterinary Medicine) or will transition to the full suite of Google applications (School of Public Health).

Request an Exception

If you are part of the University’s healthcare component and believe you have a business need to access Google Sites/YouTube/Hangouts (the “Additional Google Applications”), please review and complete the AHC Google Apps Exception Request Form. Please keep in mind that access to the Additional Google Applications will not be permitted in the event your need would result in transferring, creating, maintaining, storing or otherwise making accessible any Protected Health Information (“PHI”). Also, please keep in mind that an exception for Youtube is only needed for those who need to post or edit content on Youtube.

Once the AHC Google Apps Exception Request Form is completed, it will be reviewed by the Privacy Office, AHC-IS and OIT Security. You may be contacted for additional information.


The Gmail conversions are scheduled to begin the first week of December in a phased approach, in order to minimize user disruption and load on central University email servers. It is expected that all migrations will be completed by summer 2014. Academic Health Center Technology and Information Systems (AHC-IS)  will create and manage the rollout schedule, and will contact departments with their initial conversion start date. At that time, AHC-IS will assist in gradually converting everyone within the departments over to University Gmail.

Mobile Devices

In order to receive Google Calendar events and email on your mobile device, it will need to be registered with Google. After this is completed, a passcode will be required on the device. It will not impact your functionality, but it will ensure protection of the data. Registering with Google allows for remote access to wipe data from your device if it is lost or stolen. Please contact your local IT support for help in configuring your mobile device. If you do not have local IT support, contact the IT Technology Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Gmail Migration

Can I still use my current email client?

By default AHC-IS will convert users to the web based client for viewing email.It will provide a more consistent experience when accessing email from multiple computers or mobile devices. Additionally, using a web browser will allow access to calendar, email, and Google apps all from one program instead of keeping multiple applications active.

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will continue to be [Internet ID]

What if I don't want to migrate?

The current University email servers are nearing end-of-life support. As a result, all accounts must be migrated to University Gmail over the next several months. The Office of Information Technology and AHC-IS will attempt to minimize disruption wherever possible.  

Benefits of University Gmail

Training and Communications

AHC-IS and the Office of Information Technology are putting together training materials, online documentation and in-person training sessions. Users will receive communication from AHC-IS as this information becomes available, and the most current information will be available on the AHC Resource Hub website.


Regular updates and additional information about the transition will be available at